I help exhausted mompreneurs with hypothyroidism to increase their energy, boost their mood, and release weight so they can zoom through their day with energy to spare!

    Bethel Wagner, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

    I help exhausted mompreneurs with hypothyroidism to increase their energy, boost their mood, and release weight so they can zoom through their day with energy to spare!

    Bethel Wagner, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

    Areas of Expertise

    • Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
    • Advanced Gut Health Certification
    • Training in protocols for hypothyroidism, auto-immune conditions, and blood sugar balance
    • Featured columnist in Natural Life News


    Bethel Wagner helps moms with hypothyroidism boost their energy and their moods so they can sail through their days with energy to spare. After experiencing the total exhaustion of hypothyroidism herself, she discovered the keys to healing her thyroid and getting her life back. As a result, she pursued training as a health coach and created The Thriving Thyroid Program to help other women regain their energy and zest for life. Bethel lives with her family in Whitehall, Montana.

    My Story

    As a young mother, I was tired. Actually, I was beyond tired. I was completely exhausted! Every. Single. Day. I was so wiped out that I often fell asleep mid-sentence as I was reading books to my kids after lunch. When I finally woke up, I would sit there wondering why I couldn’t keep pace with everyone around me. I wondered if I was just being lazy or if there was something wrong with me. Why did it take me so long to gather up enough energy to peel myself off the couch and go do something as simple as fold the laundry?


    Eventually, I was done with it. I was fed up with my lack of energy, not to mention my constant irritability, hair loss, and erratic cycles. I really began to worry about what would happen if I didn’t DO something. If I was feeling that crummy in my twenties, what kind of a train wreck was I going to be when I hit forty? How unbearable would I be when I hit menopause???


    I reached out to a local naturopath for help and discovered that most of my symptoms were being driven by hypothyroidism. He put me on a natural thyroid medication which helped me to feel better initially, but I was still left wondering if there was anything else I could do to actually heal my thyroid. It wasn’t until several years later that I finally began to find the answers I was looking for. I discovered that there were things I could do, and that it was about SO MUCH MORE than simply taking medication! I learned that it was a multi-faceted process of working with my body rather than against it, and that I needed support and guidance to walk all the way through that process.


    It certainly didn’t happen overnight, but every step of the journey was worth it. Today I feel upbeat, energetic, and more hormonally balanced than ever before! (I’ve even been able to completely wean off of my thyroid medication under the supervision of my doctor.) I am so grateful every day that I was able to discover the keys to healing my thyroid and for the beautiful opportunity I now have to share those very same keys with others who are looking for real answers to their struggle with hypothyroidism.


    If you are a mom battling the constant drain of hypothyroidism who is interested in taking a natural, multi-faceted approach to reclaiming your energy and helping your thyroid thrive rather than just barely survive, click the link below to get your free starter kit and connect with me!

        Revive Your Thyroid Starter Kit Includes

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          Donna H

          Bethel is devoted to helping people in eating and living a healthier lifestyle. She is very compassionate towards your needs and helps you become well-rounded. I really enjoyed my time with Bethel!

          Sandra K

          The work that Bethel is doing is truly life changing! When she didn’t have all of the answers I needed, she knew where to direct me and made a recommendation that changed everything. Now my energy is better, I’m exercising regularly, I’ve solved my issue with rosacea, and I’ve lost nearly a hundred pounds with her as part of my support team!

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